How to Defeat Your Own Clone (and other tips for surviving the biotech revolution)

A guide to both probable and ludicrous futures, with (we hope) enough information to tell the one from the other. Co-written with fellow bioengineer Kyle Kurpinski with cover and interior art by Ming Doyle. One of NPR's Summer's Best Science Books of 2010!

"In their quirky guide to the future of biotechnology...bioengineers Kyle Kurpinski and Terry Johnson convey with simplicity and humour the science behind stem cells, genetic variation and bioenhancements."

- Nature magazine

"I know that there are five people who would be shocked to hear I enjoyed a science book: 1) my high school science teacher; 2) my summer school science teacher; 3) my high school biology teacher; 4) my summer school biology teacher; and 5) my earth science professor who unfairly gave me a “C” because she couldn’t add."

- Seattle PI

" Any highschooler with a modicum of knowledge about genetics could easily read this book, and like it. In fact, I would even go so far as to suggest to high school science teachers that they use this book as a resource."

- Grasping for the Wind

Amazon is also a good place to buy the book, of course.

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