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Playing well with others (class)

I taught this class for new and experienced players as a Freshmen/Sophomore Seminar at Berkeley. I've learned more about running meetings from GMing than I have through any work experience, so this course also aims to develop professional skills in the context of shared storytelling.

A few of the groups that met in the course are still playing together today! You can find my syllabus for Playing Well With Others here.

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Stuff I've written

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Hag's Bazaar: Specializing in Wares Both Eldritch and Uncanny. My first D&D supplement! Also available in digital form and via Etsy.

The Village of Havock (a series of adventures) - coming soon!

For the heck of it

My session zero document

The Drow of Waterdeep (a brief supplement)

The Bard Takes Minutes: What Professional Workplace Teams Can Learn From Roleplaying Games (with Hakan Seyalioglu)